New Echo Flame Accent Fireplaces & Accessories are here!

by Nick Zaher

With this new line of Echo Flame products we are taking a bold step into accent fireplaces. At the heart of our EchoFlame products is a safe, clean burning bio-gel fuel can designed to work with all our EchoFlame accent fireplaces. No smoke, ashes or soot to deal with; just a maintenance free way to enjoy a beautiful fire. Each fuel can burns brightly for 2.5+ hrs with the crackle sound of a wood fire without the cost or hassle.

To house this new gel-fuel, we've created a wide array of ceramic, glass, and metal fireplaces. Don't see one you like? The EchoFlame Fire Pot Adapter Kit allows you to turn any non-combustible flower pot or planter into your very own accent fireplace! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, there's sure to be an EchoFlame accent fireplace for you!

Afterglow solar lantern bottle kit is here

by Nick Zaher

In stock now! Check out the new solar powered bottle lantern kit. Transform a bottle from your recycle bin into a twinkly nighttime garden accent.