Here you can find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions by consumers. If you are a retailer, please refer to our retailer's FAQ page here.

If I can't find a retailer in my area can I order directly from the online store?

We encourage our customers to shop locally, however if you are unable to locate

the product(s) you desire we will be happy to fulfill your request directly.

There is a retailer in my area but they don't have a comprehensive selection as the website.

Check with your local retailer about placing a special order. Most stores rely on customer feedback to determine the selection and mix of products to stock. If your local retailer is unable to meet your request we will be happy to fulfill it directly.

Shipping Time

Provided that an item is in stock, turnaround can range anywhere from 5 - 10 business days. Frequently orders are shipped within a few days upon receipt, but we cannot always assure that level of service.

Is my credit card automatically billed at the time of order placement?

Although your credit card may be authorized at the time of order placement or prior to shipping, it will not be charged until your order actually ships.

How are shipping and handling charges handled?

Shipping and handling charges are calculated prior to an order being submitted. Once the order is fulfilled the charges are added to the invoice and charged to the credit card provided.

Can I track my order?

We will send an e-mail notification upon shipping your order informing you of the carrier and tracking number in the event you wish to trace it.

What is the warranty on your products?

We warranty the workmanship and materials on all of our products for up to one year from the date of purchase (must have copy of receipt for verification). Should a product fail within this period we would ask that you return it to the place of purchase for an exchange, replacement or refund. If the product was purchased through the online store please contact [email protected] to determine the appropriate course of action.

What is your policy on returns/exchanges/damaged goods?

All claims for damaged, defective, or incorrectly shipped merchandise must be reported to us within 10 days upon receipt of shipment. All claims received thereafter will automatically be denied.

Contact us at [email protected] to receive an RGA number for any merchandise you wish to return. If a product return is required, we will send a call tag instructing you of the carrier to call to arrange pickup.

Upon inspecting the returned item(s), your account will be credited the full purchase amount including freight.

Please do not destroy or dispose of any defective product and/or packaging materials until having notified us of your claim.

Merchandise returns are expressly forbidden without prior authorization or consent from Echo Valley.

The Illuminaries product I purchased/received isn't glowing.

To verify that the glow crystals found in your Illuminaries product absorb light energy and glow properly please place the product under a fluorescent or incandescent light source for 5 - 10 minutes. Next, take the product inside a pitch-black area (preferably a windowless room). If there is no detectable glow then the product is defective and should be returned to the place of purchase and exchanged/replaced if still under warranty. If it glows it is working properly and the solution is to relocate the product to an area where it will receive full sunlight and is extremely dark at night.

My Illuminaries product doesn't glow as brightly as pictured on the package or your website. Am I doing something wrong?

First, Echo Valley Illuminaries are NOT to be mistaken for solar landscape or accent lights. They rely exclusively on "passive" solar energy, i.e. the sun or incandescent light to charge them and do not have a secondary power and or energy source to keep them glowing brightly and continuously at night.

Second, where you position or locate your Illuminaries product in the yard directly affects how long and brightly it glows after dusk. Illuminaries should be placed in an area that receives full sun during the day and if possible, the late afternoon sun for maximum exposure. This location should also be an area away from any potential source(s) of light interference, i.e. porch lights, street lights, landscape lights, interior house lights, etc. to achieve maximum visual clarity. Moonlight will also diminish the amount of glow one can see, so it is equally important to have it situated in an area that is completely dark in the evening.

Third, because the period from dusk to 'dark' varies throughout the year (longer in the summer and shorter in the winter, depending on latitude), the longer that period lasts the shorter the duration and intensity your Illuminaries product will glow due to the fact that the luminescent crystals will have given off much of their stored energy.

Lastly, the closer you are to the item the better your chances of seeing the charged crystals glow.

I purchased/received a solar figurine/accent light from Echo Valley, but the light isn't coming on at night. What should I do?

Let the unit charge in full sunlight for 8 - 10 hours prior to testing. Make sure that the solar panel faces the direction of the sun during this period.

Once the batteries on the unit are charged bring the product in a pitch-black area (a windowless room preferably) making sure the manual on/off switch or button is in the "on" position. If the product lights up it is working properly. If the light does not come on re-check the on/off switch to confirm it is in the "on" position. Note: Please reference the user instruction sheet that came with your product, as the on-off switch varies depending on the item.

If the particular model has been in use for a while the solar rechargeable battery or batteries may need replacing. Please refer to the user instruction sheet that came with the product for directions on how to do this.

If you are still experiencing problems and the unit is under warranty please return it to the place of purchase for an exchange, replacement or refund.

I lost the user instruction/assembly sheet that came with my product, do you have something you can send me?

We have all of our user instruction/product assembly sheets available upon request. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Should I shut off my solar product each morning after using it the previous night so that the batteries will recharge?

You may leave the manual on/off switch in the "on" position continuously, as the batteries should recharge each day provided the batteries are still capable of holding a charge. There is a sensor on the solar panel that will activate the light in the evening once a certain level of darkness is achieved. When the batteries exhaust themselves or the sun begins to rise the following morning, this sensor acts as an internal on/off switch and will shut the light off automatically.You should only need to turn the unit off when it will not be in use for an extended period of time, such as storing it for the winter.

What is the life expectancy of the rechargeable battery or batteries that came with my solar figurine or accent light?

The life expectancy of the battery or batteries that came with your solar rechargeable product typically last between 400 to 500 on-off cycles. If you are using the product every day that is over a year's worth of use.

Where can I find a replacement battery or batteries for my solar accent light or figurine?

Any general merchandise, convenience, food and drug, grocery, hardware store or specialty online retailer will likely have the rechargeable battery or batteries needed to keep your solar rechargeable product in working condition. Two styles of harder to find button cell batteries are available on Echo Valley.com.

Is it safe to leave products out all year long?

To prolong the life, usefulness and enjoyment of our products we strongly recommend that you do not expose them to extreme weather conditions, i.e. excessive heat, wintry conditions (thawing and freezing), high wind, torrential rain, etc.

What do you recommend doing to prevent metal parts/components from rusting or corroding?

Outside of stainless steel, if a product is produced from carbon steel or an iron alloy it will eventually show signs of rust. To diminish or slow this process from occurring apply a clear-coat enamel (available at most general merchandise, DIY, hardware and automotive parts stores) to all exposed metal parts prior to placing the product outside and repeat it each season. If you live near salt water this should be done two to three times a year.

Do you have a printed catalog available that you can send to me by mail?

Because of the high cost of printing and postage, catalogs are strictly reserved for Echo Valley retailers only.