FAQ's (Retailers)

How do I become an Echo Valley dealer­?
Any established retailer that orders from us annually is considered an active Echo Valley dealer.

If I already have an account with Echo Valley can I order products online?
You may purchase products online provided you have an authorized user name and password to log on to the “retailer access” portion of our website.

Do I need to sign up for a new account or can I use my existing account information?
If you are unsure if you have an existing account to order products online, click on the “forgot your password?” link on the login screen and enter your e-mail address on the Reset Password page. If you are currently set up with login credentials, an email will be sent to you with password reset instructions. If you are not currently set up, you will need to complete the online retailer access application form for processing and approval.

Is it possible to call an order in if I don’t have time to place it online?
We require that all orders be submitted to us via our website, e-mail or fax so that both parties have a binding digital or written record of the order. This greatly reduces the possibility of the wrong item and/or qty’s being shipped and all but eliminates the need for returns and credits.

I’m a small retailer, is there a minimum order quantity or amount?
The order minimum for both new and repeat orders is $200.00. Products also must be ordered in accordance to the published minimum unit of sale.

I am a retailer - how do I get set up on terms?
We process credit/trade references for retailers having achieved $1,000.00 in purchases within a 12 month period. Prior to that, all orders are prepaid via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover only). Once credit has been approved you will receive a letter indicating credit approval along with a credit limit amount.

Can we order online and have the charges billed through an established third party account, such as a wholesale distributor or buying cooperative?
Although we prefer drop ship orders be placed directly with the distributor or buying cooperative in question - as pricing, in many instances, varies from ours - we will accept orders placed online with instructions to bill through a third party provided they have established credit with us and we receive all applicable account information at the time of placement.

Is my credit card automatically billed at the time of order placement?
Although your credit card may be authorized at the time of order placement or prior to shipping, it will not be charged until your order actually ships.

Our store carries your products - how do I get listed in your retail store locator?
Retail locator listings are reserved for dealers achieving $1,000.00 or more in annual purchases. This may be waived for special circumstances, such as dealers that purchase our products from a third party account, e.g. a wholesale distributor or buying cooperative. If your store fits these profiles, please contact [email protected] so that we can add you to our locator.

Shipping time and costs
A)  Provided that an item is in stock, turnaround time can range anywhere from 2 – 10 business days. Quite often we will ship orders within a day or two upon receipt, but we cannot always assure this level of service.

B)  Shipping costs are based solely on the weight of a package and/or shipment. When shipping with a package carrier such as UPS or Fed Ex, we will do our best to consolidate small items into a single box, thus reducing the number of packages and freight. Charges for palletized freight shipped via common carrier, i.e. Roadrunner, Saia, Conway, etc. is based solely on weight and we will use the most affordable method of transportation available to keep charges to a minimum.

How are shipping charges handled?
Unless there is a preferred carrier and account that you wish to have freight charges billed to “collect”, all shipping and handling charges will be prepaid and added to the invoice.

Can I track my order?
Once your order has shipped we will send a notification via e-mail alerting you of its status and will include the corresponding tracking information.

I received my shipment but I noticed certain items were backordered, how long will that remain open?
Although we strive to ship every order 100% complete, it isn’t always possible given the seasonality of our business and the number of items we carry. That said, we keep all backorders open for a period of 60 days from the time of the original shipment. When backordered items are available we will contact you with the cost of goods and freight to confirm you wish to receive it. After 60 days all open backorders are automatically cancelled.

What is your policy on returns/exchanges/damaged goods?
All claims for damaged, defective, or incorrectly shipped merchandise must be reported to us within 10 days upon receipt of shipment from the carrier. All claims received thereafter will automatically be denied.

Contact us to receive an RGA (return goods authorization) number for any merchandise you wish to return. If a product return is required we will issue a call tag instructing you of the carrier to contact to arrange pickup.

Upon inspection of the returned merchandise, your account will be credited the full purchase price.

Please do not destroy or dispose of any defective product and/or packaging materials until having notified us of your claim.

Merchandise returns are expressly forbidden without prior authorization or consent from Echo Valley.

Is there any warranty on your products?
We warranty the workmanship and materials on all of our products for up to one year from the date of purchase. Should a product fail and be returned to you in this period we would ask that you contact us to determine the appropriate course of action and disposition.

Do you have a printed catalog and price list that you can send to me by mail or with my order?
We sure do. Please send literature requests to [email protected] and provide the mailing address in the message body.

Do you have Hi-res images available on CD that you can send to me by mail or with my order?
Although we no longer provide high resolution images of our products on CD, you can order and download them free of charge online by visiting http://www.echovalley.com/imagelibrary

Do you have in-store banners or promotional materials that you can send to me?
As a matter of fact, we do! Please contact our customer service department for more information.

Is there a way I can qualify for a free point of sale display?
Occasionally we run promotions or have product buy-in’s that include the addition of a merchandising display unit or fixture at no charge. Contact our customer service department to see what current offers we may be running, as these change frequently.

On occasion we receive requests from customers that purchased an Echo Valley product who need a replacement part, i.e. a small globe for a yard stake, a rubber cap for the neck of a gazing globe or replacement rechargeable battery for a solar product they own – do you carry those?
We have a full complement of replacement parts available upon request. Some which we provide free of charge and others for a nominal fee, plus shipping and handling. Please contact [email protected] with your request and we will let you know if we have the part available along with the cost.